Marked With Lies

He toreher poetryFrom her skinMarkedHer scarsWith liesShe felt aTrail of deceitDeep in her mindNever ableTo openHer heartFilled rhythmicMelodies he willNever understoodHer shieldThat has no MarkFor she lovedHerself moreSensing failureHe stoleThe heartOf another 


How did I get here I keep repeating As the drums beat Deep in my mind Causing tears to Escape down my cheeks How do I stop The maddening cycle Of lost days Time spent healing From a wound Caused by someone else How many times Will life expect Me to climb Over another hurdle … Continue reading How


She carries a box Filled with darkness It whispers fairytales From a little girl Chasing night creatures The darkness Hides an angel Masked beneath A frozen heart Coaxing Her fear The unknown Shadowing her future She is frightened Of words torn Betrayed storybooks Soaked in tears Made by lost Hopes From the past Wondering in … Continue reading Darkness


She fears they will Learn of the unknown Circling her dreams Swirling images her past Awakening her to cold screams The memories Suppressed Buried in her youth Wishing them erased Forever haunting Cries the innocent Girl held deep within Living in silence As glass walls Crumble around her

Scarlet Tears

There is a flame Deep in inside Stoking Harsh burnt embers Burgundy crushed memories Calloused From never ending Scars Scraped in the ash Her fortress destroyed Time and again for Searching For a glimpse Of tenderness Scarlet tears flood The anger within