Lonely Moon

Call the moon Conjure Her hidden temptress Surrender to Sensual images Unable to Escape From her gaze Trace her flesh With your lips Knowing her Vibration Of secrets Crawl inside The misty dew Make it Breathe come alive Howl claw Moan with Desire


How did I get here I keep repeating As the drums beat Deep in my mind Causing tears to Escape down my cheeks How do I stop The maddening cycle Of lost days Time spent healing From a wound Caused by someone else How many times Will life expect Me to climb Over another hurdle … Continue reading How


She carries a box Filled with darkness It whispers fairytales From a little girl Chasing night creatures The darkness Hides an angel Masked beneath A frozen heart Coaxing Her fear The unknown Shadowing her future She is frightened Of words torn Betrayed storybooks Soaked in tears Made by lost Hopes From the past Wondering in … Continue reading Darkness


Night falls upon restless minds Cold breeze of longing Linger in blankets Wrapped around scars Made by days alone in sullen dreams Morning hides the pain Dawn rises below punished lessons unsolved Tortured wings shackled Preventing flight or freedom A tear glides slowly Covering the bruised smile Dripping sorrow and fear On pillowcase clouds


Dive deep into sultry Blue sea Follow the current Guided by bright Diamond sparkling stars Ebbing at the Shallow beating shore Translucent skies Canvas the Purple escapade conjuring up Silent burnt horizon filled with Passin On Wistful moans Escape thoughts Embracing soft salty Tender clouds

Moon Shadows

Moon shadows Swallowing sparkling Eyes Effervescent skin On Silk sheets blazing dreams Pulling Floral threads Revealing Her passion Craving To Scratch His wants Waiting breathlessly For moments She won’t share With anyone else


Sometimes The noise Heavy inside Hides behind A smile The wild inside Longs Never conquered The roar is hearty Deserted Never explored Ripping away screams Plunged deep beyond The night


Wintry winds Twinkle Pearls of poetry Dance slow motion Pulsing Calling her body A polar diamond Burns deep Wetting the laced body Squeezing releasing Purring clawing Belted behind layers of denim Chastise her His eyes sizzle her skin Teeth tear her sweet creamy flesh Leaving a Salty taste of Lust upon their lips

Slow Dance

In the slow dance it is easier to work as our bodies Come together paper and pen no concern nor reward Composing is not the goal but as the body moves under the purposeful hands charged and yearning we cut the leash you create me against your thighs Filled with images moving through our words … Continue reading Slow Dance

Deep Inside

Down below her skin Lives a viper He feeds off her fears Little by little the serpent Gorges on her Slowly smothering Her forward motion She battles daily Knowing he eats empty Thoughts meant to Inspire beauty and happiness Her courage to smile and Be present is her victory