She is fearlessIn the essenceOf her weaknessThe shallow waters of hopeSpring through herCast aside her doubt His glory breathes in her lungsInhaling the lightThey see their sorrowsReach a handWipe the dirt and standAcknowledge the abuse The strengthLike layersOf skinElasticFragileThin The energyHas a purposeShe adornsIts presencesWith her fire

Broken Heart Journey

Babe I know it hurtsOur soul cant forgetThe painOur mind worksTo overcome regretsStep towards, don't hurryOnto our broken heart journey The tangled life of a manThe distrusting emotion of a womanThey were destroyedHad no place leftTwo lonely heartsIn a void Babe I know it hurtsOur soul cant forgetThe painOur mind worksTo overcome regretsStep towards, don't … Continue reading Broken Heart Journey

My Tommy

He's a cowboy Taking strides To cleanse And Bring Joy Hard exterior Is the image Carrying fallen souls Up the mountain To their savior Time tries to heal His wounds For deep inside His heart Cries not to feel But tomorrow brings This Bull As we watch him Move down his path Beside angel wings

Marked With Lies

He toreher poetryFrom her skinMarkedHer scarsWith liesShe felt aTrail of deceitDeep in her mindNever ableTo openHer heartFilled rhythmicMelodies he willNever understoodHer shieldThat has no MarkFor she lovedHerself moreSensing failureHe stoleThe heartOf another 

New Year New Me

She turned herself awayFrom that yearGrateful for the lessons \ Never allowingThem to define herHer soul was strongHer heart in check Fault and blameShielded from her mindHer belief steadfast She is the diamondOf her futureAllowing the past to squeezeThe jewel in her Brightly guiding herTo silken threadsOf new beginnings

Lonely Moon

Call the moon Conjure Her hidden temptress Surrender to Sensual images Unable to Escape From her gaze Trace her flesh With your lips Knowing her Vibration Of secrets Crawl inside The misty dew Make it Breathe come alive Howl claw Moan with Desire


How did I get here I keep repeating As the drums beat Deep in my mind Causing tears to Escape down my cheeks How do I stop The maddening cycle Of lost days Time spent healing From a wound Caused by someone else How many times Will life expect Me to climb Over another hurdle … Continue reading How


She carries a box Filled with darkness It whispers fairytales From a little girl Chasing night creatures The darkness Hides an angel Masked beneath A frozen heart Coaxing Her fear The unknown Shadowing her future She is frightened Of words torn Betrayed storybooks Soaked in tears Made by lost Hopes From the past Wondering in … Continue reading Darkness