She lays tangled in silken sheets, pillows cradle her where his body is missing. Sleep eludes as luring feelings of their rendezvous awaken her soft supple skin.

Scarlet Tears

There is a flame Deep in inside Stoking Harsh burnt embers Burgundy crushed memories Calloused From never ending Scars Scraped in the ash Her fortress destroyed Time and again for Searching For a glimpse Of tenderness Scarlet tears flood The anger within


He sees her With closed eyes Swimming on blue clouds He listens for her breath She moans and shutters Beckoning unending passion He touches her mind With the silken petals Supple erotic whispers Nibbling her neck Pulsing from her lips Her thoughts give way Pleads for more of him He holds her close Next to … Continue reading Wild

New Year

Sounds rise in air Hang on doorknobs Sizzle twinkle lights Burn in pastel cares Days escaped the year Unwritten poems Brown eyed babies With a heart of stone Reaching for nothing Lost celebration Tiny scars Daylight calls imagination Burning songs for life Hold close to me Dance again Between the sleepless night