The Tattoo

Heavy ink bleeds With every sultry breath Upon her pale flesh Tracing his tender touch Deep in the valley Flowing from his veins The soft canvass Of her warm body Creates his symphony Of majestic words Energy flows Like a thunderous blaze Surrounding their shadows With fierce electricity Painting each pulse Of bronzed shards Their … Continue reading The Tattoo


One touch from his strong hands Starts a simultaneous wave Of hot chills and flaming erotic shivers From her head to the very tip of her pink toes Her wings are anchored to silver clouds Head resting on a lavender moon Dreams of his steel hard passion Warms her soft pale naked skin Enticed by … Continue reading Unleash

Naked Hunger

Etched on paisley linen Comforted by Explosive Chemistry Entwines bodies wrapped In electric passion Naked hunger nourished with Satisfied impulses relinquishing a pulsating after glow of Restful moans Exposing two strangers to unknowing secrets

She Survived

She never wanted it to come The day of dread Like a hurricane, she feared It would change her Though in reality, it couldn’t Her metamorphosis Happened long ago Always free from the fear Her shackles were self made In her imaginary aged dungeon New spirits haunt her soul Releasing her energy from shadows in … Continue reading She Survived