Dreams of flamed solitude Escape her wandering mind In the madness Of the darkest night He seduced her in places She covered with thorns Her guarded, untouched, sheltered image Hiding the pain Preventing pleasure Over come by cold reality Tortured in a sphere Of emptiness and hollow shadows


Twilight eludes the sultry lioness Caged but not tamed Pacing for the scent of her prey The aroma of the beast she yearns to devour She purrs into an arched stretch Slowly she exposes her soft Pink side Wiggles her ebony talons Enticing her victim Harnessing her imagination Her majestic sensual appeal Knowing the wonderment … Continue reading Lioness


Eyes sparkle bluish Shades of poetry Lines of history On furrowed brow Wonder escapes Blossoming curved lips Heavy shoulders Possessing time Nothing forgotten Silent notions Broken hours Becoming years Never spoken Trapped on pages Growing ageless