Sublime Sunset

She yearns for you to hold The thunder in her veins Enter her lacy ivory dreams Lose yourself in her chaotic melodies Swallow her up with passionate Bites of her silken screams Entwine your mind in her tendrils Of questioned impulses Command her body Punish her with your resistance Keep her on the edge Of … Continue reading Sublime Sunset


There are nights when a kaleidoscope of words dance in my dreams. Melodies with soft hues pulsating down to my fingertips. Awakening my poetic yearnings. Seductively releasing the lavish colors from my pores. Leaving me breathless and wanting more.

I Want

I want to make love to the sunrise. Sweetly whisper soft desires to the clouds. Skinny dip in flaming sunsets. Slowly undress before the moon. Lay naked under a lunar eclipse. Slow dance with Orion until the sun sends me home.

Draw Her Bad

Wicked smile like a charm from ruby passion Smoldering eyes devoured him from icy blue heat Soft moans prowling demurely from pink taloned songs Sweet sparkles allure dark desires from black lace corsets Supple curves kissed tenderly from honeycomb vines She was bad because he Drew her that way

Salt Water Kisses

She’s tasting Sweet salt water Kisses Swim in strong Sparkling cool surfer Lips Sailing on deep currents To private lagoon Eyes Floating in the stea Of sublime Imagination Quenching bodies On a tropical Paradise Satisfying thirst While riding the rolling Tides

More More More

Move down Her spine Feel her Pull away Arching back Moaning Heat emerging Everywhere His touch Oh no Stop She wants it All Kiss her Draw her devil Lust Open her Burning Voluptuous lips Tug her tangles Grasping Her neck Hold Her passion Release Her sweet Rose honey Taste her Erotic Silken pleasure