I am a red rose Blooming within I feel my petals dripping As the images appear Etching verses Dancing along thorny skies On transparent stems Rooted in my veins Aroused by dominate Strength of powerful Tempestuous fantasies My floral scent Escapes my buds Capturing erotic hearts

Twilight Yearning

to be embraced with your breath hear the beat of the ravenous song that whirls above like the wind on vulture wings through snowy woods from storms of sultry passion stirred into mindless long walks between dreams of pooled shadows humming to silence upon the crushed flowers

Poetic Eyes

There is a never ending poem deep in her eyes Filled with colorful notes Of every word she sighs It runs down her cheeks and sparkles with delight Becoming summer’s dew From a thunderous night Past the poetry brightly gleaming Depths of imagery she is dreaming Drawing upon her lust for life Her pours are … Continue reading Poetic Eyes


Rose petal lips Melt In oceans Of burning skin Yearning energy Like a scintillating Flame Encompass the body Toes tingle Hearts pound Blood rushes Takes hold Plays to fantasies Giving way to Embers Beyond imagination

Her Sunset

Her eyes smile Towards a resting sun Glowing in purple hues Of mystical dreams Her heart melts Striking the strings On the golden clouds Dancing in the atmosphere Her senses tingle Twinkling fierce flecks Of honeydew dragons On warm inviting skin Closing her eyes She hears the breeze Of nightingales Whisper sweet lullabies

Music In My Soul

The melody felt beneath my skin shakes my soul scorching the veins rising me up in mosaic pieces of song Dancing with butterfly wings lighting on sunflower blossoms Reaching beyond the poetic colors of my mind’s eye

The Storm

It slaps against the window pane and rolls like droplets of tears falling down a cheek. The moaning wind howls to be seen as it pushes and pulls everything it touches. Its stormy music comforts the heart yet frightens the soul. With pulsing torrents building to a crashing thunder. Grey clouds hold the sun hostage … Continue reading The Storm


Dusk takes hold Fragments Dance around Furiously Beating Dominating dreams Tormented Scarred Yearn for release Sunrise Becomes the muse The purple sensation entwined in the silver atmosphere Vibrations engorged with oceans pulsating movement Fingers titillate embodied arousal To feverish moaning pleasing cries Glistened frosty sweetness Spews urgent kaleidoscope fires


Dance to nature’s symphony Swirling toes in billowy clouds Take breath strokes In the blue horizon Bounce the moon off The sparkling stars Tickle the senses with Tropical leaves Skate on the waves Of ocean breezes Sleep upon the never ending Sands of time We leapt into our lives as if jumping between poems in … Continue reading Melody

Pull me closer

Pull me closer Feel my skin melt to your body Capture every heartbeat I breathe Expand your lungs with my kisses Smother my lips with touch Hear my body echo your songs Whisper silent secrets like wishes