I come to life in your whispers The layers of my cocoon Wash away like tissue paper Your tongue teases my lobe I quiver with anticipation Of your breathy words Wrapping around my body I feel the heat Escape your lips Slowly slipping under my skin I lean into your raspy voice The lure of … Continue reading Whispers

My Corset!

Silky bare shoulders perched for his kisses Below my butterfly bosoms spilling over Unforgivingly by the coutil Sighing as his fingers Trace the ribbon and lace Hands slowly move down by bodice And I swoon As he reaches my cinched waist I lean back and he pulls me closer I feel his eyes on my … Continue reading My Corset!


In your allure My body is anew Muscles and nerves ignite Feverishly with every touch Your hot fingers running over me Wanting until I am a trembling My flesh parting to welcome you The kiss of seduction lingers My heart beats rapidly with every stroke The thrill of anticipation The smooth feeling pressed against me … Continue reading Becoming


The illumed full moon Floats among the onyx Clouds of twilight Like a glistening ornament Tempting the vulnerable gryffyn Inside her unquenchable thirst Down to the guttural moans Piercing the flesh with painted talons Gnawing at the core Her pry taunts the graven image Maneuvering to devour The spasmodic thrust of her heaving loins Penetrating … Continue reading Moon


Smooth sweet sensual voice Passionate tender noise Touch her soft with strong desires Penetrate her syrupy warm flowers Kisses draw tender screams Taunting virgin lust of supple creams Ripples of nylon fantasy Explode in erotic ecstasy Tasting their pleasure zones Igniting carnal flames and moans Wanting or dreaming It’s all in the timing     … Continue reading Timing