Travel was her escape Alone on the highway Of lost harmony Rejecting her depressed Criticism of confusion Memories dance in the wind Like a forrest fire Destroying the calloused images in her soul Fears washed in her veins Running through the hurricane storm in her eyes Emerging are her genuine gossamer Wings of rebirth and … Continue reading Escape


Silky as the lips That part as she moans Curvy to the hips The hand on her roams Sweetly as erotic fragrances Titillating the senses Lusciously as a red rose Tenderness grows Barely words are spoken Taking in the motion Warmly as the candle burns The passion inside yearns Alluringly they are captivated To the … Continue reading Erotic

I Can’t Help Myself

I hold my breath in anticipation of his words He transports me to before any of life’s Lessons brought me to my knees Yesterday remembers nothing Of the journey to now Tomorrow holds no promise Let me drown in the man until day flees


Your hands have not touched My skin yet Still I have never been touched By anyone like you Still It rushes through me In every pore Still Heat penetrates my skin I feel your fingers Still We do not touch Smoldering fantasies ignite burning lust Still Like lacey panties Desire for your touch Still